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As a regional, independent, family-owned business - working with us is different than the other guys. When you work with Mid-Atlantic Seeds you can experience the independence and regional edge that you won't get anywhere else.



By focusing only on the Mid-Atlantic region, we have been able to increase our offering of products and value traits, all of which are exceptionally suited to handle our unique growing conditions. Our products and services are offered to provide value within the Mid-Atlantic region - nowhere else.

wheat field day 1.jpg

By remaining independent we tailor our solutions unlike any other brand operating out east. Independence means we provide products, value traits and unique services that we know are solutions to production agriculture within the

Mid-Atlantic region.

Being family-owned is all about focus. Unlike many of our competitors, we focus only on the Mid-Atlantic farmer because we understand the responsibility we have to their operations and livelihoods. We do not answer to shareholders and corporate offices - only to our customers. 

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